Gooseberry Falls Flowing and Roaring

The popular tourist attraction is causing quite the ruckus on the North Shore

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- Gooseberry Falls has been a popular stop for tourists, and those in the area to visit, now that temperatures are starting to warm up, and the snow is melting.

On their website, they say the traffic Monday thru Thursday is slow, but that wasn’t the case today. One visitor at the park said he and his wife have been coming here for many years now and has never seen the water like this before. That reason, the runoff and melting snow that is happening.

Mike Nitsch, who was visiting today, said “I’ve been coming up here for forty years, and I’ve never seen it like this”.

For generations Gooseberry Falls has been an attraction for all to check out. They have five falls, but those that leave are left walking out with a huge smile on their face which is a great sight to see for a local park ranger.

Assistant Park Manger Nick Hoffmann says that “it’s one of the most rewarding things I could do on my job”.

Not only do the falls attract families, but hiking and biking is also something that many people come out and do.

Hoffmann also mentioned that “this is a great introduction to the rest of the Northshore. People will stop here on their way up to Tettegouche, or Temperance River, or Cascade as well. All of which offer really nice accessible waterfalls.

Not only is there all of these different falls to experience, but also all the wildlife that make their way to the grounds. While it still may be early for wolves or bears to come out and been seen in the park, there are still plenty of creatures around the grounds.

Nitsch also said “but there are a lot of deer roaming around in the park here and it’s just a great place to get out on god’s creation”.

The campground still has some ice and snow on it, so it isn’t completely accessible for people to camp yet, but it won’t be long for the expected large crowds this summer to make their way to Gooseberry Falls.

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