PAVSA Holds “Start By Believing” Pledge Campaign in Duluth

Duluth's Goal is For 1,300 Pledges


A Duluth non-profit wants your help in ending sexual violence by taking a three-word pledge in April to “Start By Believing.”

PASVA is leading the charge to get 1,300 people in the Twin Ports to join the pledge to help end sexual violence.

Duluth Police say 145 sexual assaults were reported just last year in the city. According to large scale national research only about 5 to 20 percent of sexual assault victims report the crime

to police, which would suggest there were actually at least 725 actual sexual assaults in Duluth last year.

PAVSA executive director Sara Niemi says the goal is help people understand that how they react to a survivor of sexual violence plays a big role in how they recover, and even a decision to report the sexual assault.

“Even well intentioned people don’t know how to talk about sexual violence or might start asking questions or make someone blame themselves even if they don’t mean to,” said Niemi.

This month PAVSA is looking for people from all types of backgrounds to take this pledge including those in health care, education, law enforcement and criminal justice.

To take the pledge, click here.

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