Knowing Your Neighbors: Reimagined by T. Underwood

Home staging store in Duluth helps you transform your home.

DULUTH, Minn.- For some, it can be hard to make your house or apartment feel like home.

The owner of Reimagined by T. Underwood says her philosophy can help with that.

Tammy Underwood once ran her store out of her garage and storage units, but now has a place of her own.

“When this spot become available I signed the lease back in November because I’ve always really liked this spot in town and from there I actually started my business plan,” she said.

Before she became a home stager, she had to take a test to boost her credibility with customers.

“I think it lends some credibility when you can say that you are certified by a home staging resource.”

Along with the “feeling home” philosophy, she wants to set her store apart from others.

“I want to make sure that I’m featuring my services and there’s veinlets and everything looks purposeful,” said Underwood.

Not only is Underwood selling her stuff, she is also getting help from artists around the area.

“I feel like I’ve gotten here today mostly through word of mouth, whether it’s real estate agents, or apart of some networking groups,” she said.

“When we work together, we win.”

With her First Street location in downtown Duluth, Underwood is excited for what the store may look like come summertime.

“I think this is a fabulous location,” she said. “I don’t have any idea what it’s going to be like during tourist season with the hotel right next door.”

“I imagine it’s going to be pretty fantastic.”

Underwood says she’s still touching up the exterior of her shop.

She is going to have a grand opening party hopefully in the next two weeks.

Reimagined by T. Underwood is located at 138 W. 1st street.

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