Community Preps to Sew Bags, Rid Duluth of Plastic Bags on Earth Day

Bag-A-Thon event happening city wide on April 20th.

DULUTH, Minn.- To raise awareness about the climate impacts and pollution caused by plastic bag use, the Bag It Duluth campaign is preparing for a city wide event on Earth Day.

“Bag—A—Thon” will occur at locations across the city on April 20th.

Different locations will accept donations until the 17th.

Then people would be invited to come and sew reusable bags to use for things like groceries.

Bag It Duluth campaign leaders say it’s a way for the community to do what the city should have already done: get rid of plastic bags.

“All the citizens of Duluth are really asking city council to act, to do what the state of Vermont is about to enact, what New York State has done, what Charleston, South Carolina, what Gainesville Florida, what the state of Maryland has done,” said Jamie Harvie, Bag It Duluth Coordinator.

“We’re kinda behind on this and we can make a difference.”

The campaign says plastic fragments have been found in Duluth beer and the waters of the St. Louis River.

For a complete list of fabric donation sites and sewing sites you can visit


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