Duluth Man Charged with Threatening Violence to Police and East High School

One charge of Threats of Violence, and one of Possession of a Machine Gun Conversion Kit.

DULUTH, Minn.- Serious charges are now filed against a Duluth man accused of threatening to shoot up East High School and any Police Officers who entered the building.

35-year-old Travis Busch, who had access to East High School as a job coach for a student with special needs, is charged with one count of “Threats of Violence,” and one count of  “Possession of a Machine Gun Conversion Kit.”

Busch was arrested without incident. A shooting never happened during the district wide lockdown on April 5th.

According to court documents, Busch was in Duluth East High School texting someone he knew about his threats–from shooting police with machine guns, to claiming he had firing capabilities comparable to to the mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017.

The documents also add that he could padlock a movie theater and shoot everyone inside like “fish in a barrel.”

Investigators eventually entered the school safely to find Busch unarmed, inside a locked cold storage room in the cafeteria with the student he was supervising. Nobody was injured.

Busch was evaluated at St. Luke’s Hospital before being sent to the St. Louis County Jail.

Meanwhile, investigators did locate a loaded and cocked pistol in the trunk of Busch’s vehicle, which was in the school’s parking lot.

They also found several firearms in his downtown apartment, including one that could be converted into a fully automatic weapon and a collapsible buttstock.

Busch’s next court date is scheduled for April 30th.

If convicted of the current charges, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

On Facebook, Police Chief Mike Tusken said his officers’ response was excellent.

The Department will hold a press conference on Wednesday to discuss their response, go through a timeline of the crime, and evaluate what went well and what can be improved if this type of situation ever happens again.

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