State Runner-Up Duluth Marshall Baseball Motivated for the Season

The Hilltoppers finally get outside to practice despite the Duluth weather.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers baseball team is back and ready for action this year after losing in the state title game last year.

The team was able to get outside and practice before their first game, which is not always guaranteed given weather in the Northland.

“We’ve been trying to get out here for the longest time, getting sick of the gym, so it’s really fun to finally get on the grass and throw the ball around,” said Peter Hansen, a shortstop on the team.

“There simply are things that you can’t replicate at the same speed, at the same height the same distance so it does make getting out on any moderately flat piece of grass as soon as you can pretty important,” said Hiltoppers coach Joe Wicklund.

The team is using last year’s title loss to motivate them for the upcoming season.

“We really want that blue medal, don’t want any red medals this year, we’re all looking for that ring,” said Maddux Baggs, the second baseman.

“Hundreds of talented teams across the state and only one of them is going to win a game at Target Field June 20th. We’d love to be that team but there’s a lot of baseball to be played before that,” said Wicklund.

Duluth Marshall won their opener on Monday, led by senior pitcher, and University of Missouri commit, Ben Pederson.

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