Crime Victims Rights Proclamation

A special art exhibit is helping empower those victims

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth, has declared this week, ‘National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. A special art exhibit at Zeitgeist is helping empower those victims.

This year’s theme is honoring the past, but creating hope for the future. Experts say, in a life or death situation, knowing that you aren’t alone is crucial.

One survivor and artist in the exhibit we talked to hopes her artwork can offer up some home for other facing bad situations.

Stephaine Killsontop, artist and survivor, stated that “sometimes some art speaks out from a different perspective, and maybe from a straight point view of what’s going on and letting them know their stories behind art to ya know? If someone is going through a dark time and it shows the outcome of it and there’s beauty and people need to look at it and see that, see the happy ending”.

The art exhibit shows all the different impacts the criminal conduct does on someone’s soul. St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin says putting all these unique pieces out there to the public shows how victims can cope.

Rubin said “people have this expectation that unless they have been a victim or survivor themselves, they have an expectation of how a victim should act. And when they are in court sometimes that cuts against them. Because you should’ve told someone right away or you should’ve done this or that. Everyone reacts differently. Everyone is affected differently”.

For those in need of help, a six week course beginning May 19th will help women find their joy. After those six weeks, meetings will then take place every month. Fifty-five dollars in advance or ten dollars per class.

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