Northland Hit By Late April Storm

April storm causes havoc for some around the Northland, for others, it's just another day living in Minnesota.

DULUTH, Minn.- The big storm hasn’t stopped people from doing what they need to do. Even a country music singer made sure he could get to Duluth, for his concert tonight at AMSOIL.

Today’s April snow storm caused havoc for many around the Northland, but for others it’s just another day in the life living in Minnesota.

Wild winds, and a forecast for heavy snow caused a change of plan for Country music star Luke Combs. He left Nashville a day early to make sure Thursday night’s concert at the AMSOIL Arena wouldn’t get canceled.

Jeff Stark, Venue Operations Manger at the DECC said “the folks from the Luke Combs Agency and his touring staff set out for Nashville yesterday, they saw the weather forecast well in advance and decided to make the treak up here early and to make sure they were here for this leg of the tour”.

Meanwhile for Minnesota Power crews were out battling the winds to restore power for customers and if that were to happen to you, officials say always be prepared.

Amy Rutledge, Manager at Minnesota Power & Elite mentioned that “have a light sound emergency kit handy. Have an extra blanket, candles, flashlight, batteries. All of the things that you would normally have to keep you and your family safe”.

Big waves off Lake Superior were showing off for onlookers in Canal Park. Hotels there always seeing an uptick in customers even with a big build up later in the day of these ice chunks.

Luke West, Manager at The Inn stated that “if a storm gets announced, or if the forecast comes out for that people will literally call up and try to see what ‘s going on for that. We will get random calls, on a random day of the week and people ask if the waves are big out there”.

And for one resident, just getting done with hitting the gym, and getting gas, he was more than okay seeing more final storm hit the Northland.

Craig Hansen, a Duluth resident, said “the weather? Well there’s a lot of energy tonight with it blowing off the lake. But this is great. Old man winter has blessed us with one more before the spring sets in”.

Snow could be in the forecast the rest of the month, but another storm like this one happening may be slim.

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