Capturing Mother Nature’s Wild Side from Canal Park

Hundreds of Hearty Midwesterners Flock to Canal Park to Capture Mother Nature's Wild Side

Wind gusts of more than 50mph are not stopping folks from capturing moments firsthand from the powerful April winter blast.

As of Thursday morning there was no snow yet for the City of Duluth, but that didn’t stop residents and tourists from freezing for a reason to check out the natural beauty of a wild Lake Superior.

“We’re from Fargo, North Dakota,” said tourist Ellen Hoffman. “It is so windy here! Not even close to wind in Fargo! It’s crazy!”

Wild weather doesn’t stop hearty Midwesterners from wandering around to experience the stormy conditions up close and personal.

“We looked down at the lake and it looked like a hurricane down here so we wanted to come and see what it’s all about, and we were not disappointed,” said tourist Thomas Wade.

These two visitors from North Dakota are familiar with windy weather, but nothing like the force of Lake Superior.

“We’ve never seen the lake like this before,” said Wade.

While many will wander down to check out the disastrous reality on the ravaged lakewalk, others are hoping to take pictures to document history in the making.

“I love to capture what I find out here because not everybody gets a chance to see something like this,” said local photographer Jeffrey Doty.

Doty doesn’t miss out when Mother Nature gets angry and puts on a show.

“I love the extremes, I feel alive,” said Doty.

Doty took the image below during the calm before the storm early Thursday morning. His images tend to reach far beyond the Northland during dramatic weather events.

Courtesy: Jeffrey Doty

“The last big storm ended up, my shots were down in Costa Rica circulating around, it’s kind of weird,” said Doty.

As thrilling as the wind, waves, and ice might be, Doty does stress the importance of safety while enjoying Mother Nature’s natural wonders.

“For something like this I’m going to try and catch some big ones,” said Doty.

Doty says even the most experienced photographers need to take a break and find some good shelter once in awhile.

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