Fun Inside Adventure Zone

While some were stuck inside due to the snow storm, others found a way to have some fun on Friday

DULUTH, Minn.- If outdoor adventures and sunny greenhouses still weren’t curing your cabin fever, there was one place Northlanders could have some fun inside.

An April snow storm didn’t stop these people from coming to Adventure Zone this afternoon.

Whether it be celebrating a birthday, the last day of spring break, or just going to some place fun, dozens filled the Adventure Zone down in Canal Park

One family who was supposed to go to Minneapolis to round out spring break, mother nature had other plans for them.

Robert Misuraco, a father, said “well we got snowed in, we were supposed to go to Minneapolis yesterday morning a little get a way, but we figured we would come down to Canal Park and try and have some fun”.

Not only were families there, but also groups of kids were running around trying every game they possibly could. For one youngster, it was the sounds that caught his attention when deciding what game to play.

Easton Mathews, who was part of a birthday party Friday, mentioned that “the sounds are like all fun game popping into my head and I just hear a lot of fun games that are making those noises”.

Not only were kids able to enjoy all the games and activities Adventure Zone has to offer, one UMD student had some extra time on their hands because of not having class Friday.

Summer Neilsen, a UMD student stated that “it’s cool to have one building and one place that kind of has it all. And it’s nice for Duluth to have something like this especially when it’s cold out and there not much to do. You can come here and do just about anything here”.



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