1 Arrested, Light Pole Toppled During Bulldogs Celebrations In Canal Park

Overall, Duluth police said the large crowd mostly remained in control

DULUTH, Minn.- Canal Park was alive Saturday night after the UMD Bulldogs’ historic National Championship back-to-back win.

Soon, a large crowd flooded Lake Avenue near 310 Pub, causing Duluth police to block off the road to traffic.

Some fans took their excitement a little too far.

“The guy got up on the light post and started shaking it real hard, he was really reefing on it, climbed about halfway up,” said APS Security Guard Jaylin Crain. He came down from a nearby building to investigate.

“Then another guy came from that side, from the hotel side, and pushed it over to these cars here,” Crain said.

According to Duluth police, some people even threw bottles at squad cars and snowballs at police. But no one got hurt.

“It wasn’t terribly dangerous for anybody,” Crain said. “other than probably that guy up on that light pole.”

One 20-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct and underage consumption for his one-sided snowball fight with police.

“Thanks to the presence of law enforcement, a potentially dangerous situation was kept under control and S Lake Avenue was reopened less than an hour after it was closed,” a DPD spokesperson said in a release to the media Sunday. “Once law enforcement arrived, the crowd grew but the disruptive behavior began to calm down.”

Meanwhile, bars along Lake Avenue filled up long before the game even started.

Grandma’s Sports Garden even stopped letting people in, before the 3rd period of the game.

“The line outside was pretty insane,” said Grandma’s bar back Tyler Van Reese. “Had a lot of people calling to see if there was anything they could do to get inside.”

310 Pub was open until about 10-11  p.m. before the manger said they closed temporarily to reset and get their bearings in order.

But after high-energy crowds trashed Grandma’s Sports Garden for last year’s championship win, they came prepared.

“We didn’t know what to expect last year, so we still had tables and chairs out, we had glassware out–glass beer bottles and glassware for taps,” Reese said.

Managers like Cassie Hansen at 310 Pub also took measures to help avoid turning a hyped up crowd into a dangerous one.

“We switched to plastic cups,” she said, ‘because we know how dangerous it is when you have people bump into you–you’re gonna drop it. And we’re worried about people stepping on it and whatever.”

But not everyone is a problem, Hansen said.

“Honestly most of our customers were phenomenal, you know, a few I think give it like a bad reputation for the many, which is unfortunate.”

Both bars understand that this is a big win not only for students, but for the community.

“I think it’s reasonable to celebrate, y’know,” said Reese. “You’re with all your friends watching your friends play such a huge game on TV.”

“As a Bulldog alumni I am so proud of the Bulldogs,” Hansen said. “But also, y’know, as fun as it is to have everybody in here, we can’t keep doing this it it becomes unsafe.”

But there’s a way to be supportive, and safe.

“We’re all fans, we’re all hoping to have fun–staff and customers,” said Reese. “If everyone’s doing that in a respectable manner, we can all have fun.”

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