Duluth Mayor Delivers Community Engaging Plans for the City

Mayor Emily Larson delivers her fourth state of the city address.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth mayor Emily Larson delivered her fourth state of the city address at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School.

It was an engaging crowd at the school, a momentum she hopes to keep moving forward.

A good portion of mayor Larson’s speech was dedicated to the diversity of Duluth’s neighborhoods and it’s people.

She highlighted recent areas of set back and growth- surviving potholes and seeing through Superior Street reconstruction. a lack of youth programming and how the city is reinstating it this year. Focusing on learning from the past to help change the future.

“As mayor, I have learned that embracing our complexity, the richness of our lives and our history together, that is our path forward,” Larson said.

Larson’s major issues for the coming year, however, rely on finding jobs accessible and affordable childcare and housing and increasing energy resilience.

Particular focus went to what she call’s Duluth’s housing crisis, saying that herself and her team are out of ideas.

“We haven’t solved any of these massive challenges yet, but we have taken real steps forward,” Larson said. “We don’t have the answer here and i actually think it’s more than one answer. We need every answer we can find. Every new and innovative idea and we need your help.”

Many of her immediate plans fall in line with her long term Imagine Duluth 2035 plan.

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