Duluth’s Local Knitting Shop Celebrates 20 Years of Yarn

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: Yarn Harbor opened in 1999

DULUTH, Minn. – It may not be as obvious as the running community, but the knitting community casts a pretty wide net over Duluth.

A harbor is another word for a home.

1999, Yarn Harbor became that home to the Northland’s surprisingly large knitting community.

“You’ll see people knitting in all sorts of places around town,” owner Kathy Thomas said.

It found it’s place at the Mount Royal Shopping Center for over a decade as a yarn shop, but also a place of learning for those who welcomed a hobby with a challenge.

“You start somewhere, and there’s a lot of different techniques and projects to choose from. Thomas said.

As the knitting community continued to grow, so did Yarn Harbor, passing through three owners.

It’s current took over in 2007. Thomas was an advocate for moving the store out of the mall community.

“We have a lot of natural light here and a separate classroom back there, so it was a perfect fit,” Thomas said.

The store’s Lakeside location became its home in 2015 where it plans to continue being a harbor for those willing to take on a quiet but challenging hobby.

“It’s just great to see it continuing. Small businesses… They come and they go, it’s a tricky bit, and it’s great that we’ve continued to have the support to carry it on,” Thomas said.

Yarn harbor will celebrate local yarn shop day by ‘yarn bombing’ the Lakeside community the last Saturday in April (4/27).

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