Husky Hosts Rebuilding Open House

Tonight, Husky shared their plans for the rebuilding process during a community listening session.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Next week marks the one year anniversary of the Husky Refinery explosion.

Tonight, Husky shared their plans for the rebuilding process during a community listening session at Superior Middle School.

Earlier this month Husky Refinery announced plans for a $400 million dollar rebuild that will bring 350 jobs at its peak.

“The refinery was safe before. We’ve operated this refinery since the early Fifties and have had no issues so going forward we are a learning refinery we know that there’s things we can improve on both safety and environmental and we are going to support those during the rebuild process,” said Husky Refinery general manager, Kollin Schade.

One concerned citizen at the open house said he’s worried not only about the sustainability of the refinery, but of the risk hydrogen fluoride, an extremely dangerous chemical used at the facility, could pose to the Twin Ports.

“It’s a dangerous chemical it’s that simple. The last time if that tank would have gone over 100,000 people would have been hurt in the city of Superior and Duluth and we can’t have that in our backyard, it’s just too dangerous to have,” said Dan Pearson, a Masters student in sustainability.

Other citizens however feel the plant can bring positive things for the people who live in the area.

“Mainly just because of the impact on the city of superior all the citizens, jobs and the economy, and just because we need the product in our area too,” said Marcia Podratz, a resident of Duluth who can see the refinery from her house.

Husky said that they hope to offer more public sessions like this to help keep people updated to what’s going on.

“A company like Husky has got to be open, they operate in this community, they’re a member of this community and they’ve got to have a dialogue with this community and that’s something I’m really happy to see they’re doing,” said Dave Podratz a former plant manager at the refinery.

The refinery expects to begin the rebuilding process this fall, and hopes to resume partial operations in 2020, and be fully operational in 2021.


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