Knowing Your Neighbors: Canal Park Toystore Brings Back Traditional Toys

Toys For Keeps in Canal Park preparing for Easter rush.

DULUTH, Minn.- In an age where many kids are glued to screens, toys can be an important tool to use their imagination and build social skills.

The owner of Toys for Keeps hopes her traditional toys can help everyone feel like kids again.

“This is a family friendly store,” said Cindy McCabe.

“We have the grandparents and the parents and the kids, we love seeing you back in the summer, we have people back every weekend.”

Based Duluth’s in Canal Park for over 12 years, toys for keeps offers toys that are timeless.

“We sell traditional toys, things that you remember when you were growing up things that are not dated they just continue to be good and useful.”

But these toys do more than give customers a sense of nostalgia.

“We try to help serve their purposes if they have special needs children or if they have a special event coming up or if they have something going on at the cabin and they need a game or a puzzle to play with their family,” McCabe said.

When working around all of these playthings, how can you not enjoy yourself? McCabe sure does.

“Well it is fun, it can be really gratifying,” she said. “Generally people are really nice and very friendly and usually quite appreciative.”

In the end, the toys at Toys for Keeps, keep the fun going for all ages.

“In general it starts with grownups that they remember playing with it when they were kids, and it also is the grandparents,” said McCabe.

“They want their grandkids to have that legacy of playing some of the things they did.”

Toys for Keeps is located on Canal Park Drive, and is open 10am–5pm Monday through Friday.

They’re currently preparing for one of their busier times of the year: Easter.

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