Governor Tim Walz Visits Duluth on Community Prosperity Tour

Entrepreneurs Show Off Their Innovative Business Ideas To Governor Walz, All In Hopes To Boost Local Economy

DULUTH, Minn.-Governor Tim Walz made a stop in Duluth today continuing his Community Prosperity Tour, where entrepreneurs gathered to learn about ways their innovations can help the Minnesota economy soar.

It was more or less a “Minnesota Nice” version of the TV show, “Shark Tank”. Where Gov. Walz heard presentations at the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute about Northlander’s innovative business ideas. He gave advice on what the entrepreneurs can do to create more innovative jobs in the Duluth area in order to help build up Minnesota’s economy.

“People talk about Minnesota as an outlier and we are an outlier in innovation. We are an outlier in things we are able to create. We know that the state has a role in this, fostering strong public schools, fostering the infrastructure that’s underneath them.” Stated Governor Tim Walz.

Economic leaders from the state are also currently working on implementing multiple new programs that can help small businesses thrive.

“It was amazing to me because just being such a new business I really didn’t know about all of these things! I’m like taking notes, and saying I need to look into this!” said Katelyn France who is the Founder and CEO of Scientists Making Your Life Easier, also known as SMYLE. Her inspiration came at the young age of 14. Pursuing her dreams of creating a medical bracelet, that has now become reality. “I come from a town with more cows than people. So I didn’t exactly have a large network of resources growing up.  I am really here today because of all of the people who’ve helped me along the way.”

The Minnesota Speaker of the House said the government also wants to better help them succeed in their businesses.

“This is just part of that ongoing conversation we want and for it not to be just about the big companies, but also the smaller ones too.” stated DEED Commissioner Steve Grove.

There are programs being created at the department of employment and economic development and when combined with higher education, Walz believes Minnesota’s economy will grow.

“This is a transformational time. You know when we moved out of WWII we became a large manufacturing power. Today we still manufacture, we still have mines, agriculture and lumber industry but it’s innovation and innovation around those products that is going to be the future. That’s where the jobs lie and that’s where the growth in our communities lie.”

They have five weeks to come together to pass a budget, which Walz says would help small businesses throughout the region.

“This is where Two Harbors can not only compete but they can out compete places like Silicon Valley. They can out compete Minneapolis. They have the capacity to create those good jobs right there, or in Duluth, or in Hibbing.”

This was his final day on the Community Prosperity Tour. Where he also talked about the Angel Tax Credit, which gives investors discounts on investing in startup companies.

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