City Of Duluth Encourages Pothole Reports As Crews Hit The Streets

DULUTH, Minn. – Warmer weather is giving Duluth public works crews more chances to patch up winter potholes.

A crew was spotted patching away on London Road Thursday.

The city will have six crews filling potholes full time this summer, which is an increase from last year.

“The late snow storms had a large effect on the overall ability to patch potholes, and maintain them while plowing large amounts of snow. We expect to start using hot mix which should be available in mid-May, and will have six crews filling potholes full-time this summer. This is an increase of the total number of crews from years past, which was done in response to the large number of potholes that exist. The city is reviewing policies and procedures to see what if any changes could be made to improve services for next year.” said Chad Bednar, the city’s street maintenance manager.

If you’d like to report a bad pothole where you live so crews know where to head first, visit or call 730-5100.

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