Brighton Beach Reopens After Being Closed Due to Last Week’s Storm

Portions of Skyline Still Closed

DULUTH, Minn.-The city of Duluth has reopened Brighton Beach.

The park was closed last week during the storm due to debris from Lake Superior collecting on the roadway.

The debris has been removed, and the park is now open for traffic and visitors alike.

Portions of Skyline Still Closed

The city of Duluth is delaying the opening of parts of Skyline Parkway due to recent weather.

West Skyline from 100th Avenue West to Becks Road, East Skyline, in addition to Seven Bridges Road will be continue to be closed until the roads are suitable for heavy traffic. The city is closely monitoring this area and will communicate once the road can be opened.

The sections of Skyline mentioned above, are closed in the winter months for public safety, and reopen every year in the spring.

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