Hunting for Eggs at Lake Superior Zoo

Estimated 2,000 people attended the Zoo's egg-hunt.

DULUTH, Minn.- Families took full advantage of the beautiful weather, and headed out to the Lake Superior Zoo for the Easter Eggstravaganza.

Kids of all ages put their eyes to the test in this year’s annual Eggstravaganza.

At 10 am an estimated 2,000 people started their trek inside the zoo.

Guests loved being outside enjoying the warm weather, and hunting for eggs in one of their favorite family spots.

One participant said she enjoys things like this because it brings everyone together.

“And just have fun with others and get together with family and just it’s my favorite,” said Miami Schalow.

Not only does the egg hunt create lifelong memories for families, it gives the kids a chance for some fun trading and sharing of prizes once the hunt is complete

“When I got a tattoo my brother Eli he switched with me because he had like a coloring book and I had the tattoo so he gave me the coloring book and I gave him the tattoo,” said Egg-Hunter Nora Roufs.

Once the kids collected five eggs, they were rewarded with a special treat: either a coloring book or piece of candy.

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