Taking a Spring Swing at Lorenzi’s Boxing Gym

Gym hosts first boxing event of 2019.

PROCTOR, Minn.- It’s time to wrap up your fists and lace up your gloves for some boxing.

Lorenzi’s Boxing Gym in Proctor hosted their annual Spring Swing on Saturday.

Boxers as young as eight and as old as 26 squared up in the ring, fists flying, for the gym’s first boxing event of 2019.

The event featured as many as 26 matches of amateur boxing.

While most were men’s matches, there was one female match.

According to boxing trainers, athletes getting matches under their belt is important for them as boxers, and as people.

“It’s so important for these kids to have a goal to look forward to,” said Joe Lorenzi, co-owner and one of the trainers.  “Y’know those kids are staying off the streets, staying in the gyms, or they’re working with their teammates and their coaches.”

“This is kinda, this is the payoff for them.”

No matter what age, these boxers go hard, giving each punch all they got.

For some, like young Gabriel Luna, it brings them closer to their heroes.

“Cause my favorite boxing player is in it, Mikey Garcia,” he said. He wants to be just like him.

Kids who aren’t boxing themselves, help out in the corners.

This way, they are all kept a part of the experience.

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