Making the Earth A Better Place

Earth Day brought out some celebrations to help make the Earth cleaner

DULUTH, Minn.- Over a billion people celebrate Earth Day, and two local establishments were doing their best to raise awareness on ways to save our planet.

A recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin came to conclusion that for every dollar spent at Whole Foods Co-Op, $1.60 goes back into the community.

Whole Foods Co-Op is a community owned grocery store that focuses on fresh, organic and local offerings formed by people in the community who wants access to healthy, delicious food with reduced environmental impact. But it all gets started with a little effort.

Hillary Heinz, marketing manager at Whole Foods, said that “being more earth friendly, takes some effort. When we show customers how bulk works, its not easy as kind of grabbing those pre–packaged often in plastic it takes a little bit of effort, but it is so worth it”.

Communication between the co-op and those in the area is reminding them that shopping local and organically won’t break your bank like many think it will.

Heinz also stated that “shopping organic and shopping local doesn’t have to hurt the bank and it’s expensive as you think it is and shopping local and organic can be very accessible”.

Whole Foods stresses the fact of how important shopping local is, and the fact that shopping local is actually earth friendly.

Heinz mentioned that “the average miles food travels to get to your place is 1300 miles. At the co–op, over 20% of our shoppers purchases are local products”.

Whole Foods wasn’t the only Northland business doing something on this Earth Day, as Dunkin Donuts offered free cups of coffee to those who brought in a reusable cup and customers enjoy businesses much more when something like this is done.

Brandy Borske, store manager at Dunkin said “they are happy that we do it, because a lot of people are all about the earth, and the litter and stuff”.

Regardless of if you shop organically, or bring in a reusable cup, it’s the little things that like that can make our planet cleaner and safer for us all.

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