Duluth Launches ‘Budget Game’ To Help Prioritize Spending

DULUTH, Minn.-  The city of Duluth has launched a so-called “budget game” to let the Mayor Emily Larson know where you think your tax dollars should be spent the most.

The game can be played online on the city’s website or in person at City Hall.

You get $1,000 of fake money to allocate in whatever categories you find most important for Duluth, like infrastructure, housing, or green space.

City leaders say the game is a fun way to focus on priority based budgeting to match available resources with community priorities.

“It’s critical. We are so excited that we are able to roll this out to the community. We’ve done it at a couple different ways through our actual game as well as the online game so we really are excited for the opportunity to have citizen input and participation,” said Jen Carlson, the city’s budget manager.

The city says in just one week more than 600 people played the budget game.

The city intends to use the data from the game to create future budgets that better meet the community’s priorities.

Click here to play the game!


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