Duluth News Tribune Reports City News for 150 Years

Northland Uncovered: 150 years of DNT news on display at Glensheen

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth News Tribune has shared first hand the history of Duluth almost as long as it’s been a city.

“What you see is really the last 150 years of history as reported by the Duluth News Tribune,” Glensheen executive director Dan Hartman said.

Duluth’s oldest source for news has seen it all.

“People really did trust that news source going way back. They may not have always agreed with some of the things that were covered, as is true in the present day, but it was part of their habit… Their life style,” DNT executive editor Rick Lubbers said.

1869. the DNT launched as the Duluth Minnesotian, back when pictures were few and far between and reporters relied solely on their words.

“You look back several decades and they pick that one big photo and there might not be a ton of other photos inside the rest of the paper,” Lubbers said.

From storm damage to construction to some of the darker moments, the newspaper earned Duluth’s trust to share its stories.

“The DNT doesn’t have the luxury of reporting only the safe stories,” Hartman said. “I think sometimes it’s very easy in history to kind of just gloss over because typically you have it in a book or you see it in a small format, but in these four by six photos, you can’t gloss over it, you’re drawn into the scene.”

The exhibit at Glensheen condensed 150 years into 18 panels. Many of the stories a thought provoking reminder of how far the city has come and how far the DNT ran with it.

“It just really brings home that reminder that what we’re doing every day is important to people,” Lubbers said.

April 24 marks the official 150 year anniversary of the DNT, one you can celebrate at the open exhibit at Glensheen.

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