Volunteers Honored by Duluth Mayor

Twelve different groups were honored Tuesday afternoon by Mayor Larson for their volunteer work

DULUTH, Minn.- Many Northlanders always seem ready to volunteer in times of need, and today twelve different volunteer groups in the region were honored by Duluth Mayor Emily Larson for all the work they do.

Whether it’s taking the time out for tutoring and mentoring local kids, to supporting food banks and homeless shelters, or restoring parks and public lands, these Northlanders love to volunteer their time.

One of the top volunteer groups in the area is AmeriCorps, which helps through it’s multiple branches including the reading, math, or even green corps. Local leaders know how important volunteers helping out.

Megan Lidd, City of Duluth Recreation Specialist said that “its inspirational to see so many people turn out in our community who want to give back and be apart of different neighborhoods and different projects whether its programs in the park, or education based”.

Those being recognized today don’t do this for all the attention today don’t do this for all the attention, it’s because they love doing what they do and making a difference.

Toby Sillanpa, a reading tutor stated that “I think its really nice to have the recognition but I think the people that I work with, the teachers and the AmeriCorp people just do the job because they feel like it’s really important and they are so happy to be able to do something to improve the quality of someone’s life”.

Volunteer groups have openings all around the Northland. For more information on how you can sign up, click here.

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