Yellow Cab Taxi Bought By Yellow Door

Yellow Door announced the sale on Friday afternoon

DULUTH, Minn.- And as one door opens, another door closes. The taxi service Yellow Cab recently announced they were shutting down after being open for nearly a century, but now it’s been saved by an existing cab company in Duluth, as they have bought it out.

Cabs have taken a huge hit since ride sharing operations like Uber and Lift begain their services in the region, and recently Yellow Cab said they were shutting down, but a current cab company has now come in to buy them out.

Leaders from Yellow Door tell us they are buying Yellow Cab, which they say keeps from people losing their jobs, while helping their customers along the way.

Todd Treakle, Manger of Yellow Door says “there’s customers out there that are going to be out of a cab, or they have to find a different one and then there’s the drivers themselves that people are employed and that’s one thing we pride ourselves on is the drivers at Yellow Door are just as important as the customers”

One local homeless shelter, CHUM, expressed concern after Yellow Cab announced they were shutting down because they use their taxi’s on a regular basis.

Lee Stuart, Executive Director of CHUM, mentioned that “one of the hardest things to overcome in homelessness or in poverty at all is getting where you need to go, to appointments, to get that work done”.

Now it appears those concerns have been dashed with Yellow Cab being bought out. We went to Yellow Cab and the owner said he didn’t want to talk about the specific reasons why the company is sold.

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