Young Musicians Get Their Start in Homegrown 2019’s Kick-off Event

The 20th annual Homegrown Music Festival began at Lake Superior Zoo.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sunday kicked off the 20th anniversary of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival.

From Sunday to Sunday local musicians will perform in venues all over the Twin Ports.

For some young musicians, the Lake Superior Zoo is the perfect venue to get started.

“8 days, 200 bands and 68… I should know this. 68– 58 venues,” Homegrown production coordinator Scott Lillo said.

That’s 200 local artists, some of them performing for the first time. Sibling duos ‘The Langertsons’ made their Homegrown debut at the festival’s family kickoff.

“We tried to play last year, but we didn’t get picked so this year when we got picked it was a really cool thing,” Langertsons singer said.

Their oldest member, 15 years old.

“They’re really good musicians, but they’re also very young,” Lillo said.

They’re just one of many young bands trying to make it big one day.

“That tradition of music and people playing music’s gotta start somewhere,” Lillo said.

And for the really young ones, they could still participate in other ways like shaking a maraca or tambourine.

“For me this is an exciting day as well because I just want to keep young people playing music and enjoying it,” Lillo said.

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