New Construction, Husky Updates Among Topics in Superior’s State of the City

Mayor Jim Paine delivers his second State of the City address.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- In his second State of the City address, Superior Mayor Jim Paine is proud of the progress Superior has made.

He said the city will be unrecognizable to some in the coming years.

The Mayor announced the construction of Cobblestone Hotel on Tower Avenue, and the development of Central High School into a mixed-use development, featuring both market-rate and student housing with retail space.

After those two projects, the city will have built $50 million in new construction between 2017 and 2020.

Paine also announced the construction of Superior’s first Complete Street on East 18th street.

The street and sidewalk program will have at least $20 million in projects by 2022, the final year of Paine’s first full four-year term as Mayor.

Shortly following the one-year anniversary of the Husky Refinery Explosion, Mayor Paine declared that while supporting Husky in their rebuild and re-open, he will also hold them accountable for environmental and safety improvements.

“We have reached an agreement with the Husky Oil Refinery to end their discharge of water into Newton Creek and therefore Lake Superior and begin discharge into our Municipal Wastewater Treatment System,” the Mayor said.

“Which will help us protect Lake Superior, and bring over a million dollars in new revenue to the City of Superior.”

Paine also revealed his upcoming projects with other city officials, including Craig Sutherland, who he’s working with to lower healthcare costs.

“As he laid out in the speech I’m working with our finance director on helping saving money when it comes to our health insurance,” said Sutherland. “And that’s a huge portion of our city’s budget, and I would think we could save on.”

As Vice President of Superior City Council, and acting President, Sutherland is optimistic looking forward for his work with Mayor Paine.

“Showing our constituents that we all can work together even though we don’t always agree 100% on everything.”

Another new addition to Superior will be its first ever Grandma’s Marathon Sponsored Race.

The North End Nightmare 5K will take place late this October, and will headline the growing North End Days Spooktacular celebration.

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