UMD’s GeoDome Offers New Look at Earth

A gift from a former professor at UMD turns into new way to look at solar system

DULUTH, Minn.- Imagine seeing the sky from the earth, and the earth from the sky at the same time. It’s now possible with the UMD GeoDome.

A wonderful gift from a former geology professor now has the same capabilities as a Planetarium. It’s a laptop linked to a projection system to look at our solar system. Providing a view of our changing planet also making sure we treat every day like Earth Day.

Jim Rock, Planetarium Program Director said that “and we are all on this blue ball. One ball holds us all. We are all in the same canoe together. We got to learn to paddle and keep it in balance. Don’t drill holes in our canoes and light fires in it”.

Seeing this GeoDome from a different perspective can also help people understand different ways of thinking about the universe around us.

Tony Anselmo, 1854 Treaty Authority Member stated that “I thought that it was neat to see a different perspective because the majority of the time you hear about constellations from different cultures so it’s nice to see an indigenous view on constellations”.

The Geodome has been all over the area, and very tough to miss a red blown up igloo. To schedule a date with the traveling Planetarium GeoDome, click here.

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