Aquatic Drop Off

Students at UMD today got a refresher on if they can't take care of their pet, to properly get rid of it

DULUTH, Minn.- Many think that pets like turtles are easy to take care of but some of their owners might not realize what type of workload they are taking on.

And today, the group Habitattitude held an event at UMD where Northlanders could turn in their unwanted fish, aquatic plants, and reptiles so they can be give a healthier home who owners who have a better understanding of how to take care of them.

Organizers said, events like this not only help the pets, but the environment as well.

Mandi Wojciehowski, Early Childhood Coordinator says that “I┬áthink this is our home, just like it is the animals home and we are a part of this environment and a part of this water shed. We have a responsibility to care for our world so it’s here for the animals, for the people, for everyone”.

Leadership from the event said one of the top reasons these types of pets are given back is due to them living longer lives, compared with more common pets.

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