Minnesota House Narrowly Votes to ban Wolf Hunting for Sport

Opponents say Minnesota's Wolf Population Needs to be Controlled

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has voted narrowly to ban a resumption of wolf hunting for sport in Minnesota.

The vote was 66-65 Tuesday on an amendment to a broader environment and natural resources funding bill.

The federal government announced plans in March to lift protections for wolves and return management to the states. Minnesota held three wolf seasons before a judge in 2014 returned the animals to the federal threatened list.

Rep. Peter Fischer, of Maplewood, said wolves deserve continued protections from recreational hunting, but that his amendment would allow for hunting and trapping wolves that prey on livestock.

But opponents said Minnesota’s wolf population has recovered and needs to be controlled to protect pets and livestock.

Attempts in recent years to ban wolf hunting in Minnesota have stalled in committee.

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