Twin Ports Observes National Day of Prayer

Cities across the nation observed the day of prayer.

NORTHLAND – Dozens of people gathered outside the city halls of Superior and Duluth to sing hymns and gather with others in the community to celebrate God.

“I think it basically talks about promoting god’s love and his wisdom in the community and between all races ethnicities all peoples and it’s much appreciated,” said Mark Eskola, a Rice Lake Resident.

National Day of Prayer is a special one for those who might be different denominations or even religions to gather and pray to a higher power about issues affecting the community and nation.

“It’s exciting and we believe that prayer does change things and so we believe it’s a heart issue and if we come at it with the right heart and with god with our petitions that he is a god who hears,” Rose Ligman, a Superior National Prayer Day coordinator.

The prayer sessions focused on local issues such as the boy who was thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America, all the way to praying for what observers called the great divide in our country.

One observer even spoke about how important it is to just agree to disagree on the hard topics and focus on working together as a nation.

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