Va Bene Changing Hands

The restaurant is being sold to two of the managers, and will be staying largely the same.

DULUTH, Minn. – Va Bene, an Italian restaurant in Duluth is changing ownership after 13 years.

It’s located in on East Superior Street.

The owners sold the restaurant to two of their managers who want to keep it going strong.

“They compliment each other very well and we asked them offered them the chance to do this and they really wanted to so we’re excited to hand it over to them and to help them be successful,” said Mary Kay Berarducci, the former co-owner of Va Bene.

“We’re not coming here to take over the restaurant and change a whole bunch of things we really wanted to just keep being a successful business that I’ve tried to help it be for all these years and we’re excited to be here even more and we’re excited for the food and service continue being the top standard that we’ve always wanted it to be,” said Luke Schmitz, one of the new co-owners of the restaurant.

The previous owners will continue to make the desserts and bartend.

They’ll also help oversee the finances to make sure the transition is smooth.


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