Northern Star: Mady Stariha

For this week's segment, we feature a Superior softball player who's taking her talents across the bridge for college.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior softball is off to another strong season and a key reason for that is senior pitcher Mady Stariha.

“She’s definitely one of the leaders and they all look up to her,” Superior head coach Mike Sather said.

Stariha is 11–1 on the season, has allowed just 10 earned runs and has struck out 109 batters, which ranks in the top 20 in the state.

“I just give it my all, you just have to go at them and stay true to yourself. I’m not going to throw 60 miles per hour. I’m going to spin it and that’s my game,” Stariha said.

Stariha continues to improve each year in the circle. She threw a no-hitter on April 18 against Eau Claire Memorial, striking out 10 in five innings and a perfect game this past week against Menomonie, striking out 11.

“Mady truly is a pitcher. A lot of girls come on and just throw and just try to throw strikes. She’s gotten to the point where she can actually control where she’s throwing the ball and her ball moves and that makes a big difference….When she’s pitching, they know they’ve got a chance to win, they’ve got a good chance to win. How can you not feel great because she’s going to hold them to not many runs and all we have to do is get a few runs for her,” Sather said.

And Stariha isn’t just doing well in the circle. She bats third in the Spartans lineup and is currently ranked fourth on the team with 20 hits and second on the team with 15 RBI.

“I went like 0–for–7 in the beginning of the year and I was really frustrated then the gates kind of unleashed and I’ve been doing pretty well but I think that’s from the confidence that coach Sather and the girls. They really just kept up my confidence and told me I could do it,” Stariha said.

Stariha’s success both in the circle and at the plate led her to the opportunity to play college softball. She verbally committed last year to play division one at Binghamton University, but made the switch on signing day to stay close to home at UMD.

“I couldn’t get the degree that I wanted, and I want to be an accountant, and I couldn’t get into the business school so it was a really big decision for me and my family to decide softball or your future and your education and what you’re going to do after college and I think that’s really important to do what I want to do,” Stariha said.

“It shows that her priorities are in the right spot. Softball’s awesome, she spends a lot of time in it. School first and what’s going to help her in the future and like we hope for all of these kids, they’ve got a big future ahead of them so she’s making the right choices,” Sather added.

With the chance to get the degree she always wanted and play close to home, Stariha feels excited about the choice she made.

“Coach Walter was super excited and really made me feel welcome. After going to a few games this spring, I really feel like I have a spot there. And I’m the only incoming freshmen so it will be a learning experience,” Stariha said.

While she has the next level to look forward to, Stariha and her Spartans are hoping to end her senior year on top.

“It’s my last year, senior season for seven others on the team, it’s senior season. I think we’re all just really excited and motivated and I know that the younger girls are here to support us with our last season and they’re excited to get things rolling also,” Stariha said.

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