Historic Armory on Track to Lift Demolition Order

Once the Armory Drill Hall floor is complete, the order will be lifted.

DULUTH, Minn.- Construction progress continues at the historic armory in Duluth.

Crews are working on the last major project to be completed before the long–standing demolition order on the building can be lifted.

The armory broke ground on the drill hall floor back in December.

Replacing the 18 hundred square foot space took some time to really get moving but is now on track to finish by Summer.

Currently there is scaffolding holding up the old floor while reinforcement beams are being constructed.

Once they’re inserted, the new concrete floor will be placed.

Construction crews are moving slower than normal with this project making sure to preserve the building’s historic pieces as much as possible.

“As with any remodel and older buildings, sometimes we find existing conditions not consistent with what the design was so we stop and take a pause and let the designers figure out how to design from there,” Gardner Builders superintendent Mike Knudsen said.

The armory is already talking with possible partners on what the drill hall can be used for once the new floor is in.

One of their ideas is turning it into a food hall among several other projects.

“This has been a long–term goal of ours, to lift that demolition order. We think that just opens so many possibilities, makes it much more appealing from a marketing standpoint for people to move forward with this really important project,” Armory executive director Mark Poirier said.

Parts of the original flooring are being saved and built into the new floor to keep that history alive.

If everything goes to plan, they’re looking to place the new flooring by late July.

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