Knowing Your Neighbors: The Antique Company

The Antique Company in Grand Rapids is a family-run haven housing a mix of new and old goods.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – There are few things quite like finding an antique that brings memories of a beloved family member flooding back, and one Northland antique store is all about family ties.

The Antique company in Grand Rapids is a family-run haven housing a mix of new and old goods, all celebrating the stories and lessons that could be lost if not for antiques.

“I like the story behind antiques. I like to look at them and wonder where they were where they’ve traveled from, what they’ve seen…Sometimes we get things and we have no idea what this could possibly could be and we just kind of have it sitting somewhere and someone else will come in and say hey my grandma used that for scraping hogs, or whatever it is,” said Jessica Ossefoort the owner of The Antique Company.

Ossefoort always dreamt of owning an antiques shop with her mother.

Now this dream come true has only made their relationship stronger.

“My favorite part about owning this place is being able to work with my mom every day. We’re very close, I’m an only child so that makes me the favorite, just spending the time with her when we go junking at the flea market lots of inside jokes, that’s my favorite,” said Ossefoort.

Ossefoort’s mother is not the only family member in the shop. Her husband is a carpenter and helps fix up broken antiques and their kids also have a hand in the family business.

“My mom has been here every step of the way. My 14 year old son sells the candy here, my daughter who is in her second year of college fills in from time to time,” says Ossefoort.

She also feels it is important to bring in goods that are accessible to all levels of antiquers, hopefully helping show the next generation just how special antiques can be.

“But they’re really interested in where did this come from, and then we start telling the story about it and to keep it going with the younger generation is awesome,” said Ossefoort.

The Antique Company hosts several different vendors who have all kinds of goods including many items celebrating the Northland.

The store is located at 2505 Midway Lane in Grand Rapids.


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