UW Tuition Revenue Grew $366.6m Over Decade

The System's Unrestricted Balances Stood at $1.3 Billion as of June 30

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A new audit says tuition revenue at University of Wisconsin System schools grew $336.6 million over the last decade.

The report from the Legislative Audit Bureau found tuition revenue grew from $933.4 million in fiscal year 2008-09 to $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2017-18. Resident tuition grew from $125.4 million to $276.3 million. Nonresident tuition increased from $808 million to $1.04 billion.

The report also found resident enrollment declined by 12,881 students from academic year 2008-09 to academic year 2017-18. Nonresident tuition, meanwhile, increased by 10,558 students.

The system’s unrestricted balances stood at $1.3 billion as of June 30. Unrestricted balances refer to money left after all expenses were paid as of that date. System and campus administrators have discretion to spend that money.

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