Duluth Anglers Reel In Minnesota Fishing Opener

Half a million anglers are expected to get out on the water this weekend.

DULUTH, Minn.- Almost every lake in the Land of 10,000 is filled with Anglers.

“It’s peaceful, and just to get to hold the rod and get fish again,” said Angler Jilleine Luoma.

And they are all hoping for the perfect catch.

“We get to test out the boats, make sure they’re working alright,” said James Orman. “Get to teach the kids a few things.”

For the three generations of the Orman family out on the water, fishing is a family affair.

“My father who doesn’t want to be in the shot, and my son right here and my nephew and my brother,” said Orman.

“Kinda just brings us together.”

But who says you have to fish in boats?

A group of Anglers camps on a bridge on Rice Lake Road, rods draped over the side.

“Every year it’s full of fishermen, early in the morning and the evening hours are best,” said Luoma, one of the roadside fishers.

You’ve heard of “ice on bridge” signs, but there should be “lures on bridge” signs here, as minnows and hooks litter the road and sidewalk.

“He caught four, I haven’t caught any yet,” said Luoma, as her husband reels in his 5th fish.

“I caught a boat. They helped me release my line then another boat took my line.”

But fish seem to like this part of Rice Lake as well.

“There’s a lot of walleye here off the bridge,” Luoma said.

Last year there were about 1.4 million registered anglers in Minnesota.

This year, an individual resident’s license costs $25 and lasts the whole year.

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