Northland Sixth Graders Go On a River Quest for Learning

Students learned about the waterfront at the DECC and on a boat.

DULUTH, Minn.- More than 1,500 sixth graders from throughout the region are learning about the Duluth waterfront and water safety all this week, during the 27th Annual Saint Louis River Quest Program.

The program began Monday at the DECC’s Pioneer Hall, where students heard from experts about water pollution and the dangers of rip currents.

Some, like Lydia Polkoski, said they learned something new.

“Probably that rip currents don’t bring you that far,” Polkoski said. “If you play Frisbee or something, you just don’t want to go by a rip current.”

Groups also took rides on Lake Superior aboard the Vista Star.

There scientists educated them on topics like fish physics, and which fish species are invasive.

“My favorite part is probably the on like right over there where you see like the creatures of like crayfish and all that in the water,” said Jasper Crane. “I like fish, they’re my favorite animal.”

“But taking care of them, I don’t really know that much ’cause I also like catching them, and eating them.”

This year’s River Quest runs through Thursday.

More than 25,000 students have participated since it started in 1993.

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