DECS Students Sing in the Sun

Duluth Edison Charter Schools put on Spring Concert in Leif Erickson Park

DULUTH, Minn.- Many Northlanders were out enjoying the summer-like temps on Monday.

Many spent the day at the Leif Erickson Park listening to students sing, in what seemed to be one of Duluth’s many summer festivals.

It was sort of a pre-music festival as students from Duluth Edison Charter schools put on their Spring Concert, taking audiences on a trip around the world with their music.

The hills in front of the stage at Leif Erickson Park are covered with families on blankets, but it’s only May.

“Duluth has this beautiful park and it’s a great place for us to come and spend out end of the year celebrating with music,” said Aundrea Kinziger Music Specialist for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade students.

Kindergarten through 4th Graders enjoyed putting on their concert for their friends and family.

“My grandparents, one of my, my Grandpa because my Grandma’s sick,” said 4th grader Sasha Wahman, listing members of her family in attendance. “And then my mom’s friend and then my mom and my dad.”

“It was awesome seeing them, it was fun.”

The kids got a chance to show off a variety of songs they’ve learned.

“Blue Waters of the North,” was Denny Thompson’s favorite song. “Because, like, it sounds cool.”

But as nice as the weather was, it caught a few by surprise.

“It was fun but it was kinda hot,” said 4th grader Noah Laessig. “I thought it’d be a little cooler, but.”

“I forgot to fill my water bottle,” Farah Masad said. “And then I didn’t have water for the rest of the day. I was stressed when I was singing.”

But bringing music to the crowds made it all worth it for Masad. When asked if it was all worth it at the end of the day, she replied, “Yeah.”

Some of the tunes may not have been recognized easily.

“Singabahambayo Thina,” was Wahman’s favorite song. “From Africa I think.”

These students brought the songs of foreign countries to Duluth.

“We’re becoming a global society where students are meeting people from around the world and experience things that we wouldn’t normally have experienced through the internet,” Kinziger said.

After being cooped up inside all winter, the exotic music, huge crowds and hot sun gave people a taste of summer.

“It’s great just to feel done,” Kinziger said. “Everybody gets a little bit of Vitamin D, and music that fills our soul.”

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