Superior Home Restoration Program

The Northland has it's own fixer upper program now

SUPERIOR, Wisc.- It’s a push to improve neighborhoods in a Northland community. Today, the City of Superior announced the completed renovation of it’s first vacant home under the ‘Home Restoration Program’.

Many have seen television shows where they take a distressed or abandoned house and turn it into a brand new home without tearing it down. The Northland has it’s own fixer upper program now.

The property today was sold back in November of 2018 and now is ready to be sold to an owner-occupant after being fixed up. Realtor Tom “Action” Acton says it’s good to have home owners instead of people just renting houses here.

Acton also said that “we have so many rentals in Duluth and superior that having people that actually live in these neighborhoods and own these homes it gives them pride in their neighborhood. It makes them more involved in their neighborhood, and take better care of their neighborhoods”.

This new program will offer more life to houses that many thought couldn’t be restored.

Jeff Skrenes, Housing Planner for City of Superior mentioned that “so people on that block will say I never even thought this home could’ve been turned around I thought it could’ve been turned around I thought it could’ve been torn down eventually. Or sometimes you may have people say they’ve been fighting to try and get this house torn down and holy cow look at it now”.

Work has already begun on house number two for this program that is open for viewing at 4303 East First Street in Superior.

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