Dirty Dog? Experts Express Routine Grooming Habits

Staff at Bark Avenue are Working Around the Clock to Keep up with Spring Grooming

DULUTH, Minn. – As the weather warms up in the Northland and water hoses start turning out, we often think about bath time for out dogs after a long winter without.

Local groomers are working around the clock right now to help your pets maintain a clean bill of health, and also make sure your home stays smelling fresh and clean.

“Somebody like Pumpkin here, needs a little more help,” said groomer Robin Miller with Bark Avenue in Duluth.

Many pet owners are bringing their animals in for some much needed TLC.

“Spring is very busy, always. Spring and holidays are the busiest times of the year,” said Miller.

For the staff at Bark Avenue in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood, the clippers can’t cut fast enough.

“Maintenance is the key, maintaining your dog not just once a year. We have summer, fall and winter to think about getting your animal groomed,” said Miller.

Miller says there are multiple benefits to keeping your pet clean. This includes maintenance to their coat and nails.

“It’s real important, nails break off if you don’t maintain them and this is something you should do every couple of months,” said Miller. “You have a good smelling, fresh pet that’s a lot nicer to be around but you have to consider wood ticks, parasites, fleas can be a problem all year round.”

Miller and her co-workers warn pet owners to be on the lookout for mats on your animal’s fur, or it may be too late to fix with a simple wash and brush.

“Their skin isn’t attached so mats can actually stop the blood flow,” said Miller.

While it can be tough to keep our furry friends from feeling frightened during their appointment at the “spa,” the overall maintenance is well worth the long term reward.

Staff recommend calling two weeks in advance to schedule an appointment for your animal.

Bark Avenue is located at 2332 West 3rd Street in Duluth.

They’re open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Click here for more information regarding Bark Avenue or call (218) 727-8877.

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