Volunteers Honored at United Way Campaign

Without volunteers, the United Way wouldn't be able to survive

DULUTH, Minn.- About three hundred community partners and volunteers packed the DECC today celebrating this year’s Head of Lakes United Way campaign.

The event served as a thank you to everyone that helps the organization. Leadership from the group says that without the help of contributions and volunteer work, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

Matt Hunter, President at Head of the Lakes United Way says “there’s a lot we can’t do from the office. And this event here thanks people for all they do because we are the majority of a volunteer effort in this community and will continue to be”.

One volunteer we talked with today, who has been volunteering since the 1980’s says she loves making sure the less fortunate have the help they need.

Jill Christie, United Way volunteer mentioned that “there’s no reason why everybody doesn’t have food in this country or shelter and I will always believe that”.

And Christie was awarded with the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award for her work at the Damiano Center where she has worked in their community kitchen for nearly 40 years.

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