Lake Superior Zoo Hosts Families for ‘Earth Tracks’ Event

800 families visited the zoo on Endangered Species Day, learning to become more environmentally friendly

DULUTH, Minn.- Eight hundred families visited the Lake Superior Zoo to learn about how to become more environmentally conscious.

Wildlife biologists, naturalists and environmental educators from across the region taught those in attendance about a variety of issues at seventeen different stations including the importance of maintaining the Northland’s habitat.

Sarah Wilcox, Director of Education, says that “I think it’s important to inspire children and to encourage at a young age that they can do things to help animals. they can recycle, they can save electricity, they can help keep the water clean. these things impact the animals locally and there’s things they can do help animals internationally as well”.

Today event was held in coordination with ‘Endangered Species Day’. The Environmental Protection Agency says there are more than 1,300 endangered or threatened species in the U.S.

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