Superior Police Officers Sworn In

Three new Superior police officers were sworn in Friday morning

SUPERIOR, Wisc.- With only sixty-one police officers on the force, and some of them close to retirement, three new officers were sworn into the Superior Police Department today after going through a nineteen month training process.

A few year’s back, around one hundred twenty candidates typically applied to join the Superior Police Department. This year, there were only around seventy to choose from.

Although application numbers are down, the chief says those who do apply are more committed to pursuing this career, especially those close to home.

Nicholas Alexander, Chief of Police for Superior says “departments are competing for the highest quality officers out there and by being able to hire some of our local homegrown people it does give us extra insurance and comfort they staying here and not using this for a stepping stone to go to their department”.

And speaking of homegrown talent, two of the officers sworn in today were from Superior. One of them tells us his role models played a huge role in him becoming a cop.

Samuel Finkbeiner, sworn in today, mentioned that “I grew up around a lot of officers from this area being friends with my parents. I looked up to them. It was great to have those role models to be able to talk to them about the job, and talk to them about how they deal with certain situations and learn from their experiences”.

The three officers sworn in today will begin the next step of this process on Monday with training and basic recruit work.

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