The City of Superior Hosts First Art Sampler

The art sampler event is a way for all artists to show off their work.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Artists of all types had a chance to showcase their work at the University of Wisconsin-Superior for the city’s first art sampler.\

It was Superior Council for the Art’s first ever event of its kind.

The purpose was to take communication art, visual art, fine art or any form of artistic expression and put it on display in a confined area.

UWS theatre faculty thought what better place to host an art sampler than in the campus’ multi–purpose arts building.

“What I wanted to do was to open up the building and say we have this great facility for theatre, for video, for art, for music and get the community to come in and see what we have a lot to offer,” Superior Council for the Arts president Cathy Fank said.

From dancing and twirling to playing music and showing off their video production skills, students and community members like organist Kyle Sullivan were honored to share their art with the rest of the city.

“I think that art is just a way to express yourself and a way to express things that the English language really can’t put into words,” Sullivan said. “Whether it be through visual art or dance or music, it’s just a different way for people to find and express themselves.”

At the end of the event, two artists were awarded with $500 grants.

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