Police Equipment Fundraiser

Hundreds packed the new Malting Building at Clyde Iron Works to raise money for Duluth Police Department

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Police Department is in need of some new equipment. And today, hundreds packed the new Malting Building at Clyde Iron Works raising money for that cause.

A little cold rainy weather didn’t stop the hundreds from coming out to the Clydes new Malting Building to help the Duluth Police Department.

When the doors opened at eight this morning, people came in by the loads to eat waffles and sausage and meet those that protect them on a daily basis.

The event raised money for new Police Department equipment: high caliber vests that costs around fourteen hundred dollars plus trauma kits and helmets.

Peg Johnson, Duluth Police Foundation Board Member says “so our initiative to support them they have been trying to purchase more vests for officers and so we want to support them to get them out and to officers on a more rapid basis so they are individually protected from that threat”.

However, vests aren’t the only thing getting some needed reinforcement for improvements in the future from the foundation.

Lt. Mike Ceynowa, Administrative Lieutenant for Duluth PD mentioned that “so whether that is technology for the department, training for our officers, or funding other non–profits in our community that have a direct link back to public safety in Duluth”.

Many of those in attendance got their first look at the new Malting Building at Clyde Iron. Renovations began in December on the building and it’s now about ninety-five percent complete.

Toni Giuliani, Clyde Iron Events Manager, said that “it’s amazing. It’s awesome. It’s a wonderful turnout for a great cause. It’s nice to organically have people come and see the space and on their own learn about it. And people have been liking it so it’s always positive”.

An event like this is a step in the right direction for the Duluth Police Department to get the gear all their officers need in case of emergency.

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