Jumping Out of the Cold, Into Summer Break

Planet 3 Extreme Air Park attracts families looking for fun indoor activities.

DULUTH, Minn.- When the weather on this planet gets you down, why not travel to a new planet?

Planet 3 to be exact.

Summer Break is beginning for students and in nasty weather like Sunday’s, families are trying to find fun indoor activities.

So in the gloomy, windy, snowy outdoors, Planet 3 Extreme Air Park on 46th Avenue West, turns into an oasis of fun.

“I think the weather super, helps a lot,” said Skylar Wolfe, a manager at Planet 3.

People pack the trampolines, rising up and down in a rhythmic bounce.

“So basically everyone’s trying to find something fun to do indoors with their families.”

Following the sounds of trampoline springs and hoots of laughter, you’ll find that the park has more than just trampolines.

Rock Climbing, Dodgeball, and other activities take up the large space.

“You come in and you’re almost overwhelmed with how much stuff there is to do,” said Alex Herbert, a father here for his son’s birthday.

Variety was one of the priorities when putting the park together.

“It’s very active you guys can do so much here too, it’s not like you’re, y’know, restricted to one certain thing and you’re kinda like stuck sitting, just like in a small little attraction it’s moreso wide open,” Wolfe said.

If you want to get your family or friends in on the airborne fun, the park will be hosting a Lock-In on Friday the 24th, where you can get painted in glow-in-the-dark marble body paint. They’ll also be starting their summer camp soon.

Tickets and pricing can be found at http://planet3duluth.com/pricing/.

Of course, there’s no age requirement for jumping around.

“I even got to play some dodgeball so that was pretty sweet,” said Herbert. “Now I’m tired.”

When the weather gets this unbearable, no journey is too long for fun.

“Came out here from Ely,” he said.

“It’s almost June and when you can’t be outside it’s nice to have something like this you can go inside and enjoy yourself a little bit. Sweat too which is nice,” he said, sweating himself.

Clearly, the Air Park provides a good workout, too.

“20 minutes of just straight jumping I am out of breath. I am literally worn out,” said Wolfe.

“We’ve got the ninja course which is using your arms and legs, jumping is using your core and your legs.”

But it takes a while to get tired when you’re having a good time.

“We all needed this, even I needed this,” Herbert said.

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