Snow’s In, Surf’s Up on Lake Superior

Surfers make the best out of the cold windy day.

DULUTH, Minn.- While the wind and snow kept most inside, it brought surfers out to Brighton Beach to ride the waves.

According to the surfers, once you’re in a wet suit, the cold isn’t that bad.

They add that it’s worth it when you catch the perfect wave.

“You catch the wave and you start to speed up a little faster than it and once you’re on it you’re just gliding along and it’s a lot of fun,” said Paul Schonfeld, who’s been surfing since he moved to Duluth about 6 years ago.

“If you live in Duluth and you haven’t tried surfing, you gotta try it.”

If you want to try shredding some gnarly waves, Schonfeld said, UMD offers pool-based surfing lessons at $8 for students, and 15$ for everybody else.

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