Always Fresh, Never Frozen Meals with Individual Nutrition


DULUTH, Minn.- Sometimes everyday tasks like cooking are hard to keep up with when you have other responsibilities like a job or a family.

Katie Dague and Tracy Rosas are like a lot of us: active, jobs, families- enough going on to keep them from finding time to make healthy meals.

“With kids it was so hard to eat healthy, and we were finding out it was 13 to 15 dollars a meal if we ordering out, and it was so hard to cook at home,” Dague said.

They decided to start a meal prepping business, Individual Nutrition LLC.

It was started for athletes.

“Athletes need specific meals for certain training purposes. It’s been more actually popular with parents being busy with kids and their family schedules and full working schedule,” Rosas said.

This it how it works– People order meals through the website

“Everyone places their orders between noon Friday to noon Friday, and then we’ll calculate everything Friday night and go grocery shopping altogether for all of those meals. We just make a huge list and go grocery shopping then cook it up that following Saturday,” Rosas said.

When the food is ready, it can be delivered or you can pick it up, which will be a lot easier when Individual Nutrition moves into its own space in Duluth off Miller Trunk Highway.

“Our hope is to help as many people as possible with whatever their goals may be,” Dague said.

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