New Animal Ownership Rules in Superior

Previously banned animals like small goats and small pigs will now be allowed

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Superior City Council voted unanimously to change their animal ownership rules.

It is now legal to own more than three dogs or more than three cats.

In addition, it’s now legal to own some animals that were previously banned like small goats and small pigs.

To qualify for the new ownership rules, residents will have to complete an online application process and have their home inspected.

“I would send out a letter to the neighbors asking for their input because some people live in close quarters, they have houses right next to each other in some parts of town whereas other parts of town are pretty separated,” said Mandy Hammer, Humane Officer with the Superior Police Department.

Law enforcement believes this will make people more open to sharing what animals they have without fear of those animals being removed.

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